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States / Cities available in the database are :

Agra                          Gujarat                    Mumbai

Ahmedabad                Gurgaon                  Nagpur

Allahabad                   Guwahati                 Nellore

Andhra Pradesh          Hydrabad                 Noida

Aurangabad                Indore                      Orissa

Banagalore                 Jalandhar                 Raipur

Bhopal                       Jamshedpur              Ranchi

Calicut                       Jodhpur                    Surat

Chandigarh                 Kanpur                    Tamilnadu

Chennai                      Kerala                     Trivandrum

Cochin                        Kolkata                    Varanasi.

Coimbatore                 Lucknow                   Maharashtra.

Delhi                          Ludhiana                 

Faridabad                   Madya Pradesh

Ghaziabad                  Meerut


& All Indian Companies - CTO, CIO.

   All India Email Websites.

   Top 5000 Corporate Companies

   IT Companies.

   Electrical & Electronic Directory.

   Machineries & Parts Directory.

   Car Owners.

   Credit Card Holders , High HNIs Metro.

   Stock Brokers, Demat Account Holders.

   Student Data.

   All India Doctors.

   All India Hotels & Restaurants.

   All India Manufacturer & Exporter.

   Bio Tech Pahrma.


   Real Estate Builders.


   American Companies Business Directory.

   International Database.

   All India Business Directories.

   Mumbai Industries.

   All India Investors.

   Travel Agents & Tour Operators.

   HR Managers.

   Industries - Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Chattis Garh,

   Delhi, Gujarat, Hydrabad, Kolkata, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Vadodara.

   Retired Persons.

   Govt NGO.

   IT_BPO_Software  &


   Many More.


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